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Yahoo Fantasy Football

大家有看英超嗎?有沒有聽過Yahoo Fantasy Football

我開左個 Hong Kong 既 Group

Group ID : 4983
Group Password : passwd



Yahoo! Sport Fantasy Football, a free game that lets you run your own team of real English Premiership football players from the season's first kick right through the year-end battles to avoid relegation.

Each week, you'll decide which players to start, with a budget of 100. The better your players perform in real-life games, the more their value rises, but if you hold onto them the increase in their value will not be taken from your 100 budget. If you sell that player though, he may well ending up costing you more than you paid previously. Buying players just before they turn in a top performance is the best time to take him on, but that often requires studying form. If your players do poorly after you have picked them, you can get rid of them of them but still you will be left with 100 to play with.

And, while you're concentrating on what's happening on the pitch, we do all the hard work of gathering statistics and computing point totals and standings



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  1. # Blogger Anthony Ho

    我join 左.... lucky team  

  2. # Blogger Ivan




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